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Life-Sound-Studio is named for the knowledge that we as artists are a 'complete' package... life and sound cannot be separated.

I had been told throughout my singing development that: "you are too sensitive, leave your day outside the studio door, you must learn how to compartmentalize, get a thick skin" etc. Yet, I know that to be a true artist our vulnerability and sensitivity are our greatest strengths for communication and inspiration. In order to offer great art, to perform successfully and consistently, and/or to simply allow ourselves to sing, we must learn levels of mental focus, energetic centering, and how to balance various aspects of our lives.

Singers are athletes. Everything we do, what we eat, how much we do or don't sleep, our physical fitness, our emotional fitness, whether we were in a fight or an inspiring experience... affects our state of mind/being in lessons and in performance.

What I provide is a safe place where you can be your most available self so you can efficiently absorb the information needed to develop your strength and confidence as a singer and artist.

It doesn't matter if you sing only for yourself or for an audience, singing will change how you live and enjoy your life.


My personal teaching style has been developed through many years of education, further training in various concepts of singing methods, and my personal experiences throughout 20 years of teaching and performance.

The method is tailored to your individual vocal needs and your current circumstances.

The essential basis of lessons is to communicate different possibilities for developing your voice and your singing personality so you can experience your voice in a variety of ways and discover alternatives in an open and dynamic dialogue between singer and teacher. My desire is that you reach the freedom to consciously find the most effective possibility.

My investment

  • a safe, non-judgmental, yet highly productive environment
  • skilled attention and ability to perceive the vocal and singing process
  • many years of experience with wide spectrum of singers with various degrees of talent, focus, training, and instruments
  • knowledge of anatomy and function of the voice
  • to be available to your individual singing, career, and psychological/spiritual questions and answer with wisdom I have gathered through my years of training and experience.
  • willingness to assist you on your way

Your investment

  • your wish to change
  • curiosity and open availability to question habitual vocal structures
  • trust in your own attention/perception/vocal intuition...or the development of this trust


  • more security and vocal availability
  • more effortlessness and flexibility
  • minimal effort and maximal efficiency
  • vocal independence and creativity
  • to develop your individual vocal identity, i.e. Unity of vocal expression, body expression and emotional expression
  • expand your understanding and ability of how to communicate on stage


  • single, private lessons (regular or intermittent)
  • project-specific coaching
  • performance, and artist's 'life' coaching